Lab-Line CO2 cell incubator

Hach portable cell incubator

Thermo Scientific Class II biosafety cabinet

Olympus IX80 motorized fluorescent microscope; Stepper/DC micromanipulators (Sutter and Siskyou)

Nikon TE2000 microscope (Hoffman, DIC, birefringent, all motorized, temperature chamber)

Olympus SZX12 stereo microscope

Veeco Catalyst atomic force microscope

Sutter micropipette puller

National Instruments data acquisition and control hardware and software

CCD/CMOS cameras (cooled and uncooled)

Harvard Apparatus and Sutter pressure injectors

Harvard Apparatus 11 Plus Syringe Pump

Hitachi 4000 scanning electron microscope

Zyvex S10 nanomanipulation system

Signatone MEMS probe station

Agilent impedance analyzer and precision LRC meter; Keithley pico-amp meter

LeCroy digital oscilloscope

Power supplies and function generator

Mettler Toledo precision microbalance

Vistek EBPG5000+ e-beam lithography system

Karl Susse MA/BA6 contact aligner

Oxford Instruments Plasmalab System 100 PECVD

SCS 2010 parylene-C coater

Annealsys rapid thermal processor

BTU Bruce Oxidation Furnace

BOC Edwards Auto 306 e-beam evaporator

Thermal Evaporator

Varian S-gun Sputtering System

Trion Technology RIE

STS deep RIE etcher

K&S 4129 Deep Access Wedge Bonder

Fisher ultrasonic cleaner

KarlSuss HR100 Wafer Scriber

Despatch programmable oven

Alphastep profilometer

Horiba Jobin spectroscopic ellipsometer

Class-1000 cleanrooms

Recent Events

Y. Sun gave a plenary talk at IEEE NEMS'2019 in Bangkok, Thailand. (04/2019)

X. Wang's Science Robotics paper and M. Zhu's Nature Communications paper were accepted for publication. (03/2019)

NSERC CREATE Heathcare Robotics (HeRo) was granted by NSERC. (02/2019)

Lab rennovation, funded by Canada foundation for innovation (CFI), was completed. (01/2019)

Y. Sun was elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI). (12/2018)

AMNL presented three papers at MicroTAS'2018 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. (11/2018)

Y. Sun gave an invited seminar in the Schaefer School of Engineering & Science at Stevens Institute of Technology. (10/2018)

C.H. Cao headed to MIT for his postdoctoral research. AMNL team wishes him the best. (09/2018)

W.K. Dou received a pretigious Ph.D. fellowship from the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Education Fund. (08/2018)

AMNL won the Best Application Paper Award at the International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales (MARSS) in Nagoya, Japan. (07/2018)

Y. Sun accepted the role of Editor for the Elsevier journal, Sensors & Acutators A: Physical. (06/2018)

AMNL presented three papers at IEEE International Conf. Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in Brisbane, Australia. (05/2018)

J.H. Law won the Ontario Trillium Scholarship; G.Q. Shan won the Connaught International Scholarship; Y. Sun gave an invited seminar at the Univerity of Pennsylvania. (04/2018)

AMNL won the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering Best New Application Paper Award. (03/2018)

C. Cao won an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship. His paper in Science Advances was accepted for publication. (02/2018)

AMNL won the UofT Connaught Innovation Award; H.J. Liu won the UPenn postdoctoral fellowship. (01/2018)

Y. Sun gave a plenary talk at IEEE Nanomedicine. (12/2017)

Dr. Peter Kim from National Children's Hospital in D.C. and Prof. Rob Wood from Harvard University visited AMNL. (10&11/2017)

Y. Sun introduced UofT Robotics to a Taiwan delegation headed by the minister of science and technology. (10/2017)

Prof. X.Y. Liu, our previous group member, joined UofT as an associate professor. (09/2017)

L. Wang received, for a second time, a pretigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Education Fund. (08/2017)

Y. Sun gave invited/keynote talks at Tsinghua University in Beijing, at 2017 Microsystems and Nanoengineering Summit in Dalian, and at MARSS'2017 in Montreal. (07/2017)

AMNL presented five papers at Transducers'17 in Taiwan. (06/2017)

AMNL presented three papers at IEEE ICRA in Singapore. (05/2017)

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