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Vision-Based Cellular Force Sensing
The device and technique provides a means for visually resolving cellular forces in real time with a nanoNewton resolution. Structural defelctions are converted into forces via mechanics modeling that considers both bending and shearing. The in situ obtained force-deformation data are useful for distinguishing healthy mouse oocytes from those with cellular defects. For details, refer to [J55] on the Publications page.
Sperm Tail Tracking
Tracking sperm tail movement provides important information for clinical sperm research. It is also a crucial step for sperm immobilization in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). However, the low visibility of the sperm tail under optical microscopy, coupled with the sperm fast motility, render sperm tail identification and tracking challenging tasks to execute. Previous work tracked sperm head to extrapolate sperm tail's characteristics. This videos presents two of our approaches for direct sperm tail tracking: (1) the Maximum Intensity Region (MIR) algorithm, and (2) the Optical Flow (OF) algorithm. For details, refer to [J60] and [J67] on the Publications page.
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Recent Events

AMNL hosted a lab visit by Prof. Vijay Kumar from UPenn. (03/2017)

C.H. Cao won the Chinese Overseas Outstanding Graduate Student Award. H.J. Liu was one of the 2016 winners of the highly competitive award. Congratulations! (02/2017)

AMNL hosted a lab visit by distinguished MIE alumnus, James Peers. (01/2017)

On AMNL's NBA night (Toronto Raptors vs. LA Lakers, Dec. 2), Raptors beat Lakers by over 30 points (113:80). (12/2016)

AMNL's collaboration with Kirchhoff Van-Rob Inc. (a tier one supplier to major automobile manufacturers) officially started in Nov. through an OCE grant. (11/2016)

Y. Sun gave a plenary talk at the 2016 World Robot Conference in Beijing. (10/2016)

L. Wang received a pretigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Education Fund. (09/2016)

AMNL won the Best Paper in Robotics Award at IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation (IEEE ICIA'2016) in Ningbo, China. (08/2016)

Y. Sun gave plenary talks at Optofluidics'16 and OCSMNT-MAN'16 in Beijing. (07/2016)

AMNL hosted lab visits by JiuYou Capital from Shanghai and the Consulate General of China in Toronto. (06/2016)

Y. Sun gave a keynote talk at IEEE ICRA'16 in Stockholm, Sweden. (05/2016)

Y. Sun gave an invited seminar in the Institute of FUNSOM at Soochow University. (04/2016)

AMNL welcomes 4 new graduate students and 1 postdoc to join our team. (03/2016)

AMNL hosted a lab tour by an international media group invited by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure. (02/2016)

AMNL presented three papers at IEEE MEMS'16. (01/2016)

Y. Sun gave an invited seminar at Purdue University. (12/2015)

Y. Sun gave an invited seminar at the University of Wisconin - Madison. (11/2015)

J. Liu received a pretigious Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research Education Fund Award. (10/2015)

C.H. Cao's Nano Letters paper was accepted. (09/2015)

Y. Sun spoke at the 2015 Microsystems & Nanoengineering Summit in Beijing. (08/2015)

Collaborative paper with Prof. Anthony Gramolini's group was accepted by Nature Communications. (07/2015)

Yuan Wei successfully defended his thesis. (06/2015)

AMNL presented papers at IEEE ICRA'15 in Seattle. (05/2015)

Y. Sun gave an invited seminar at UCLA. (04/2015)

Nature Cell Biology paper reports effects of physical force on cell remodeling. (03/2015)

Y. Zheng was awarded a prestigious NSERC postdoctoral fellowship. (02/2015)

AMNL presented papers at IEEE MEMS'15 in Estoril, Portugal. (01/2015)

Y. Sun was elected Fellow of IEEE. (12/2014)

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